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Children's Progress

Assessment, Recording and Reporting

The Statement/Education Health and Care Plan

All children at Riverside School have a Statement of Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care Plan. This is a legal document that sets out what a child's needs are and how they should be met through his or her schooling. Lots of people contribute to a Statement/Plan: the Educational Psychologist, a teacher, a doctor, pre-school professionals which could include Portage workers or nursery staff, therapists and social services. You, as parents, are perhaps the most important contributor to the Statement/Plan. This Statement/Plan is reviewed every year to make sure that the child's needs have not changed and that the structures in place to meet those needs are correct.

Annual Review

This is an annual review of the statement/plan. It is organised well in advance, as we have to follow a set time scale. The class teacher writes the Annual Review report which is posted to you at least two weeks in advance. Parents and professionals involved with the child are invited to the Annual Review meeting at which the targets set for the previous year are reviewed and discussed in detail. New targets, relating to your child's special educational needs, are set for the coming year, after consultation and with your agreement. These targets form the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and cover the main areas identified as priorities for your child. They often concentrate on communication, learning methods, behaviour issues or social skills as well as literacy and number skills. The annual review is also the meeting at which any significant requests for resources or change of provision should be raised. We encourage all of our parents and carers to attend this important meeting.

Individual Education Plan (IEP)

An IEP is drawn up by the class teacher to support learning and social development. It shows the steps that are to be taken to support the child's learning and the date for reviewing progress. The IEP gives details of:

Assessment of IEP's are continuous and they are reviewed each term, alongside assessments of reading and spelling.