Riverside Community Special School
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Role of Parents

It is the ultimate aim of the school to work in partnership with parents, believing they know their child better than anyone else and are key to the successful education of their child.

The school encourages parental involvement and welcomes parents to join in the full range of school and class activities. For reasons of security and the safety of the children, parents are asked to use the main school entrance, and report to the school office when they arrive.

There are Open Evenings twice a year so that parents can come to see their childern's work and talk to staff. There are also a range of assemblies, concerts, fund raising events, sporting events, etc., to which parents are invited to come along. We offer a range of workshops and training events for parents who would like to extend their knowledge of the approaches we use when teaching the children.

To successfully meet the learning needs of each child it is important that we can work closely with parents. At Open Evenings parents can go through their child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) with staff. If parents would like to work together with staff by helping their child at home with one of the learning objectives in the IEP then they should talk to the teacher. At Open Evening parents will also be asked to make a comment on how they feel their child is doing.  We aim to see every parents at least once a year to talk about their child's progress.

Home - School Agreement

The home - school agreement sets out aims and valves of the school. It lists our responsibilities and what we ask from you as partners in your child / children's education. Most importantly, it details our expectations for the children.

Working in partnership with parents, we view as not only important, but crucial as we work to enable the children to realise and work to the best of their ability.

Parents are asked to sign a copy of the agreement. Where appropriate it is also signed by child.

Parents and Friends of Riverside Community Special School (Charity Number 1085601)

The school has an active and supportive Parents and Friends group. This has charitable status and is made up of parents, staff and friends of the school. The main aim of the group is to support the school by fund raising in order to provide opportunities and resources which would otherwise not be available to the children. One of its key roles is to support the running of the schools minibuses. The Parents and Friends run a wide range of fund raising including raffles, fetes, auctions, sales of crafts, etc., and a number of social events for the children and families. All parents are invited to play an active part in the Parents and Friends of Riverside Community Special School and new members are welcome on the committee each year. Meetings take place once a term with the Annual General Meeting usually being early in the Autumn Term. All the meetings are very informal and friendly. Below are the names of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer who would be very pleased to give you move information about the group's work and the part you can play in supporting it. Parents are kept up to date with activities run by the Parents and Friends group through the termly newsletters.


Chairperson:    Sharon McEwan

Secretary:       Emma Andrew

Treasurer:       Tim Fagg

 Recently PAFORS have raised enough money for us to buy 3 new iPads and £500 for our new Lego club! Thank you to everyone who has contributed!!