Riverside Community Special School
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No person shall be treated, without due regard for their feelings and individuality, regardless of gender(including gender re-assignment), sexual orientation, race, culture, belief or exceptional need.

Riverside School fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection.

Our policy applies to all staff (permanent and supply), Governors and volunteers working in the school. The main aims of this policy are:

This policy should not be read in isolation. This school promotes a positive, supportive and secure environment which gives pupils a sense of value. Helping to uphold these values are:

We recognise that because of the day to day contact with children, school staff are well placed to observe the outward signs of abuse. The school will therefore:

Safeguarding Responsibilities

We will follow the procedures set out by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board and take account of other guidelines to:

The school recognises its responsibility to support pupils who are abused or witness violence, or who are at risk, within a stable, secure and predictable environment.

The Governing Body Responsibilities

The Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that:

Responsibilities of adults with the school community

All staff, volunteers and Governors are made aware of and follow the procedures for laptop/iPad, phone and camera use at Riverside School:

At public performances, parents and carers are reminded of their rights and responsibilities in relation to child safety and protection. Any videos or photos must not be posted on public or social networking sites such as “You Tube”, “Twitter” or “Facebook”.

As a school we will educate and encourage pupils to keep safe through:

The named DSL for Riverside School is Catherine Marsh (Head teacher). In her absence, any concerns or allegations must be reported to Anne Hallitt (Deputy Head), or Gill Stoll (Home School Link Worker). In any case regarding the Head teacher, this should be reported to the Designated Governor for Safeguarding (Jill Kingston). Any verbal reports must be followed up with a written and signed script. All reports and allegations will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, following HCC policy.

Child Protection