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Within the context of the Public Sector Equality Duty Policy and curriculum it is school practice that all children should have access to the same range of curricular activities opportunities as they progress through the school.  The following general statement is included in the school’s Information Booklet for Parents under Educational Visits to encompass all curriculum related activities and visits for which a voluntary contribution is requested:-

“Parents are asked to make a voluntary contribution for all visits.  They are asked to make every effort to pay as the school has limited funds for these valuable activities.”

All children participate in the full range of school visits and activities, including residential activities, regardless of whether or not a voluntary contribution is received.  Any ‘short-fall’ is financed from the school’s delegated budget and for residential visits local organisations are invited to provide sponsorship to support the activity and local grants.  If the school were to be in a position where the activity could not be undertaken by all the children concerned due to lack of funds, then the activity would not take place.

If a child does not attend an educational activity then the school will refund the money paid to the parent.

Hire of School Facilities

Currently the school hires out the site to Slimming World at a charge of £60 per hire and Chaos at a charge of £15 per hire.

Governors’ Policy on Charging for Curricular Activities