Riverside Community Special School
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Membership and Quorum

Delegated Powers and Purpose of the Committee

The Governors’ Pay Committee will:

Calendar of Business

Autumn Term 1

  1. Elect Chair of Committee
  2. Confirm meeting dates (if not already established at end of previous academic year)
  3. Review membership and plan to fill any vacancies (if not undertaken at full Governing Body)
  4. Make determinations in respect of the audit of performance management and pay for the academic year, nominating a member to undertake the annual audit if applicable
  5. Receive Headteacher recommendations for teachers’ pay progression decisions
  6. Make determinations on teachers’ salary progression, backdated to 1 September
  7. Request that salary statements are issued to teaching staff to confirm Committee determinations


  1. Receive Headteacher Performance Management Committee recommendation for Headteacher pay progression
  2. Make determinations on Headteacher salary progression, backdated to 1 September
  3. Request that a salary statement is issued to the Headteacher to confirm Committee determinations
  4. Chair of Committee to complete notification from to provide notification of Headteacher pay progression to payroll
  5. Receive Headteacher recommendations for support staff pay progression decisions and make determinations on support staff salary progression, to take effect from following 1 April.


  1. Review staffing structure and vacancies for September.

Pay and Staff Committee