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Summary of Pupil Premium Payments

Summary of Pupil Premium Payments

Riverside had 38 pupils who are eligible for free school meals and we received £61,300 funding for these pupils.

The analysis of whole school data and data pertaining to vulnerable groupings does not indicate any patterns or areas of concern for these groups of pupils. Please see Outcomes for Pupils in Year 6 for further information regarding groups of pupils.

Ofsted (2016) recognised that the pupil premium funding had been used well and that this was reflected in the improved pupils’ reading and spelling skills.

Use of funding 2018-2019


Communication, Language and Literacy and Maths interventions by Higher Level Teaching Assistants

6 days each week = £25000

Support by qualified Speech and Language Therapist

1 day  per week = £19000

Additional Therapeutic Support including OT

2 days each week = £20000

41 pupils


We remain committed to annually reviewing our use of pupil premium in the light of data outcomes and the needs of our pupils.